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finally! [14 Aug 2002|11:55pm]
hey everyone! i have a new LJ home here: /~sketcher please add me as ur friend and comment me there so i know because it's gonna be friends only!
<333 * Theresa **
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well [14 Aug 2002|01:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i asked my dad if i could buy a paid account and he said he just has to check it out and make sure they won't give out my credit card number & so long as he likes the site & thinks it's safe, i'm gettin a paid account!! :) YAAAAAAAAAY! i'm excited. i'll be gettin a different LJ username though... :P
<333 * theresa **

EDIT: my dad said no :( i really want a new journal though... grr... i just might have to turn over to the dark side and become a UJer... :/ i really want a blog-like journal...

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hmm... [13 Aug 2002|10:31pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]


should i switch to UJ to create a friends only journal OR should i beg LJers for a new code? i want a FO journal, but i don't want all of the changing of entries hassle... i'm torn...

if anyone has a code they'd like to give me, i'll love u forever. i'll make u icons!!

<333 * theresa **


What Kind of Relationship is Right For You?

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oh my god [12 Aug 2002|11:44pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

oh my god. that's all i can say rite now. i was having such a great nite tonite until matt signed on... i got promoted at work (i'll be making $10 an hour now) and my dad filled my car up on gas... then matt signs on... here's our convo online...

MakeYouWantMore6: hi
Flirty AE Chik: hey babe
Flirty AE Chik: work sucks but i got the promotion. :-) lol
MakeYouWantMore6: very good
Flirty AE Chik: thanks :-)
MakeYouWantMore6: so, i'll never get too see you once school begins.
Flirty AE Chik: no... i can only work 5 days a week at the most
Flirty AE Chik: lol
MakeYouWantMore6: ok
Flirty AE Chik: mon, wed, fri, sat, sun
Flirty AE Chik: i'm so bored
MakeYouWantMore6: how can you be bored if you just got off work?
Flirty AE Chik: i got off at like 10
MakeYouWantMore6: ok
MakeYouWantMore6: then what makes you so bored?
Flirty AE Chik: what'd u do tonite?
MakeYouWantMore6: nothing
MakeYouWantMore6: just sat on my butt
Flirty AE Chik: there's nothing to do & i'm not tired.... hmm. i am kinda hungry though... lol
Flirty AE Chik: aww. sounds like fun!
MakeYouWantMore6: yuyp
MakeYouWantMore6: umm...
Flirty AE Chik: brb. food
Flirty AE Chik: back
MakeYouWantMore6: im feeling uncomfortable in our relationship
Flirty AE Chik: y didn't u go out?
Flirty AE Chik: ....really?
MakeYouWantMore6: yea, you cant notice it?
Flirty AE Chik: why though?
Flirty AE Chik: that wasn't like a perky really, that was a "i'm really scared that u just said that really"
MakeYouWantMore6: i cant find any other reason as to why i do except for the fact that you so openly state that you love me. and that list was another thing that got me on edge
Flirty AE Chik: why would that make u uncomfortable though? i can deal with the fact that u can't feel the way as i do yet.
MakeYouWantMore6: its because i already know im not going to feel that way
MakeYouWantMore6: i like you theresa, your a really good friend and just as great as a girlfriend but im not going to love you. i know that
Flirty AE Chik: why not?
MakeYouWantMore6: i cant give you an answer as to why, i just know im not going to love you.
Flirty AE Chik: i can't believe this is happening...
MakeYouWantMore6: i can care and like you so easyily but, love? im not so sure about.
MakeYouWantMore6: now im crying
Flirty AE Chik: i know that it's hard to love someone, but can
Flirty AE Chik: 't u still try?
Flirty AE Chik: i've been crying since the "i'm feeling uncomfortable" part
Flirty AE Chik: why would u be crying? i'm the one u can't love
MakeYouWantMore6: thats what ive bee trying to do past 2 months and 11 days. i like you very much, nothing in my mind says i dont. i just cant find the reason why i cant go further with it.
MakeYouWantMore6: im crying cause i know what ive done is crushing you
Flirty AE Chik: when did u start to feel this way?
MakeYouWantMore6: past 2 weeks
Flirty AE Chik: i just don't understand..
Flirty AE Chik: i knew that something was going to go wrong because i told u so soon. the only reason it was this way was because of the fact that we were so close for like 2 years before this did happen
Flirty AE Chik: i am so upset and i don't know what to do...
MakeYouWantMore6: im so sorry i couldnt have screwed up more han i have there=esa and its at your expense.
Flirty AE Chik: i guess i was being incredibly selfish and foolish thinking we would be together forever... that nothing was wrong... and that nothing would ever make me happier
MakeYouWantMore6: sinse you left my house today ive been talking to my mom about, cause she noticed i wasnt the same.
Flirty AE Chik: what did she say?
MakeYouWantMore6: she told me her usual thing, its just highschool, theres others
Flirty AE Chik: i don't want there to be any others... for me there's only you
MakeYouWantMore6: meaning others for you
MakeYouWantMore6: and thats exactly what makes me feel like such a bad person
Flirty AE Chik: u're not a bad person it's not ur fault
Flirty AE Chik: how can u know now that u're not going to love me ever?
MakeYouWantMore6: im truely sorry for steering you the wrong direction theresa, i couldnt possibly know what you feel like right now, but im sorry for bringing it down on you.
MakeYouWantMore6: because i know im not able to make that commitment
Flirty AE Chik: then y get into a relationship to begin with? u thought it over for what, 2 weeks u said?
MakeYouWantMore6: i underestimated you
Flirty AE Chik: but u knew how strong my feelings were for u before we started dating. i told u after everytime we would get together, how much it would crush me that we weren't dating... how could u underestimate that?
MakeYouWantMore6: i just didnt think of it as being that strong, im sorry theresa i cant say thaty enough
Flirty AE Chik: u don't know how badly i that i wished u didn't feel this way.
Flirty AE Chik: i'd easily have 50 thousand of ur children if i knew that it would keep u with me.
MakeYouWantMore6: thats just not reality
Flirty AE Chik: ok ok... 5
MakeYouWantMore6: lol, we still have humor?
Flirty AE Chik: i'm trying to lighten the sitiation to get past the weird part
Flirty AE Chik: situation*
Flirty AE Chik: i have humor in all occasions
MakeYouWantMore6: im actually be a serious person for once.
MakeYouWantMore6: now ya gotta go and screw up my deal, :-)
Flirty AE Chik: see, like rite now, my heart is in 30 million peices but i'm trying to look past that to see the good (if any) in man kind
MakeYouWantMore6: im so sorry theresa, i dont want to hurt you but i always do
Flirty AE Chik: ...it's like a song or something
Flirty AE Chik: "foolish" by ashanti... listen to it sometime.
MakeYouWantMore6: heard it dont like it
Flirty AE Chik: it is my life story with u. and it
Flirty AE Chik: that doesn't matter rite now...
MakeYouWantMore6: didnt let me finish
MakeYouWantMore6: ... because it true
Flirty AE Chik: why did this have to happen to me. the one time i truely care about someone
Flirty AE Chik: god. life sucks.
Flirty AE Chik: wow... my apetite went down the drain after only one spoonful. damn. what a waste
MakeYouWantMore6: usually depression works the other way
Flirty AE Chik: not with me
Flirty AE Chik: i won't eat
Flirty AE Chik: for the next like... 3 days, maybe
MakeYouWantMore6: no, ill make you eat. youre not going to become like me, i dont eat and im wasting away, you will eat.
Flirty AE Chik: u will make me do nothing mr. i feel uncomfortable
Flirty AE Chik: i think i have completely given up on all of man-kind
Flirty AE Chik: i knew something was going to be wrong when i checked ur profile once u signed on...
Flirty AE Chik: hello?
MakeYouWantMore6: im here
Flirty AE Chik: are u not speaking to me anymore?
MakeYouWantMore6: im searchingf to see if im human
Flirty AE Chik: well, have u a dick, a heartbeat, and a brain?
MakeYouWantMore6: i dont think i have a compationate bone in my body
Flirty AE Chik: u were crying... hense u're compationate
MakeYouWantMore6: then why am i so cruel to you
MakeYouWantMore6: i dont understand myself
Flirty AE Chik: i don't know. i don't understand it either...
Flirty AE Chik: god now i'm crying again
MakeYouWantMore6: i have to go
Flirty AE Chik: why?
MakeYouWantMore6: try and possibly sleep, or at least ly down and just star
MakeYouWantMore6: stare
Flirty AE Chik: ...so this is it?
MakeYouWantMore6: thats it.
Flirty AE Chik: i wish we didn't have to end. enjoy the concert tomorrow
MakeYouWantMore6: i killed us. im not going to enjoy tomorrow at all
Flirty AE Chik: there are always rough patches in relationships, u know
Flirty AE Chik: there's nothing written anywhere that says we have to end... unless you are sure you don't want to be with me.
MakeYouWantMore6: they arte s upposed to heal tho, i cant heal this, i dont heal even, im a slow healer
Flirty AE Chik: well then i'm really sorry
MakeYouWantMore6: im going to say yes this is it because i dont want to have even the slightest chance of doing this to you again
MakeYouWantMore6: im so very sorry ive gone and hurt you again
Flirty AE Chik: goodbye matt
MakeYouWantMore6: good night
MakeYouWantMore6 signed off at 11:34:46 PM.

why does he always have to hurt me? he knows he does it, too. he doesn't know why either. god. i've given up. on ever having a steady relationship ever again. i wish kevin was online... i need to talk to him. he's my bestfriend that lives in california. maybe i'll call him....

i hate guys

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woah buddy. [10 Aug 2002|03:45pm]
[ mood | content ]

well well well... guess what i did yesterday?! yeah, that's rite. i went to warped tour and almost died. lol. not only because i was completely squashed during mxpx, but i met dicky barrett from the mighty mighty bosstones and i got his autograph and a picture with him! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! i <3 him! lol. i'm a freak.

so anyways, this is my day yesterday:
i woke up at like 9 and tooke my shower, put on my clothes/makeup and i got a phonecall from matt. he said he'd be here at like 10:10ish. so i went downstairs, ate breakfast and went online. he called again to tell me that kurt & katie weren't at his house yet and he'd be here at like 10:30. he got here at like 10:30 and mike came up to the door and got me. we then drove into camden to the tweeter center and stood in this long ass line for like 20mins or so. we got into the tweeter center and walked around to where all the band tents and all were to check out times. that's the first time i saw dicky barrett. i like couldn't speak. lol. so then we went to the first band on the brian stage the used and they were pretty good. after that we got drinks and went over to the drive-thru stage to see this other band that i forget the name of. after that we walked around for a bit and then set up for mxpx while lagwagon was playing. everyone was getting really rowdy and pushin and shit because they wanted mxpx. i was gettin pissed. i hate gettin pushed. arg. so during the show i got squashed and matt saved me like 50billion times from people's feet who were crowd-surfing. arg to them. then matt took me out of the crowd before i passed out. it was obnoxious. i was not enjoying myself. so after that we got food or something.... matt and i just sat on the ground for a while then went into the tweeter center and listened to some sucky bands on the volcom stage and the other stage i forget the name of. so anyways, after that we walked back and found mike and chilled on the septa tracks. after that we saw the bosstones and then i went and sat by the big sign of all the bands & their times while they saw thursday & got pushed around in the moshing and shit. i coudln't stand it again. then after that we all met up... me, mike, kurt, matt, and katie. all i can really remember after that is the autograph i got from dicky and the picture and then chillin inside with matt and mike. we then went out and chilled on the septa tracks again and then mike we went to see alkaline trio. that wasn't soooo bad, but it was pretty rodwy for me. so then matt & i just sat on the tracks again for the rest of the nite just listening to the bands... from like 6:45 till about 9ish. i was fun. we just sat and talked and all. then we finally left... matt went north on 676 rather than east on 30 so we went into philly. lol. we came back over the bridge and all went to john conte's house for his graduation party. at like 11:30 i asked matt to take me home because i felt all icky & smelly from the entire day. so matt took me home and then he left and i took my shower and went to bed at like 12. all in all an eventful day.

today i woke up with aspirations to go miniature golfing with matt once he got done his doctor's appt, but he's broke. damn. lol. so i stayed home even though he asked me to go over to watch lord of the rings, but i passed and watched orange county instead. that's been my day so far. heh. tata.

comment me please. i <3 yous!

<333 * theresa **
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wow. this is so me... [08 Aug 2002|03:58am]
[ mood | horny ]

What kind of Drug Addict are you?
You are outgoing and content with yourself. You make friends easily and have high goals to aim for. You are too good for drugs and all that bad stuff. (Some people would even go as far to say you are a goody-two-shoes.) :) But that's okay. Stay the way you are and you will get the most out of life!
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hey now! [08 Aug 2002|01:44am]
[ mood | loved ]

omg. tonite at work totally sucked... until i recieve an unexpected visit from matt! how cute is that? :) i felt so special when i'm cleaning the floor in my aisle and i glance up and have to take a double take *mainly because i didn't have my contacts in-lol* but i see matt walking down the aisle towards me! *siGh* i thought that was sooo cute of him to stop in. :) anyways, that was like 9:20. he waited for me to get done work till 10:40 i finally got done. yay. i love love! lol.

so anyways, onto my ujournal... lol. i'm going to make it friends only, so please add me and let me know & u'll totally be added back. it's going to be my most personal thoughts on anything and everything. <3yas!

comments make me sooooo happy!!

<333 * theresa **
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most sexually compatable with jacob underwood of o-town [06 Aug 2002|10:49pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Which Member Of O-Town Are You Most Sexually Compatible With?


yay for me! i think this like totally describes me. lol.

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hrmm [06 Aug 2002|01:45pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i think i got it figured out... livejournal's changing around all of the overrides & now no more iframs or double columned journal overrides are working.. note to anyone with an iframe or double columned LJ: don't try to modify ur journal! it'll no longer be super cool! lol. that's the truth though. :( check out my ujournal /~aehottie. i put up a josie & the pussycats layout. the iframe & double columned layouts work there.. :)

p.s. if u have a ujournal, add me!! :) aehottie

<333 * theresa **
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surveyage [06 Aug 2002|12:27am]
[ mood | bored ]

*prank called someone: yes
*been prank called: yes
*fallen asleep in class: yep! it's like tradition with me...
*been suspended since first grade: never was suspended
*been expelled: no
*contemplated suicide: not to an extreme... just wondering who would go to my funeral, if anyone...
*attempted suicide: no
*seen someone die: not that i recall
*cut yourself: not purposefully
*slit your wrists: nah
*flirty eye contacted someone in class: hellz yea
*fantasized about someone:mmhmmm ;)
*kissed someone elses partner: not that i know of
*had oral sex with someone elses partner: nope
*had sex with someone elses partner: nope
*trashed a hotel room: nope
*trashed someones home at a house party: no
*worried about your friends? umm hmm
*had your friends worry about you? yeah

*told them you loved them: matt
*complimented: jocey
*spoke to on the phone: mommy
*got an e-mail from: kevin
*spoke to on-line: jen & dave
*bitched with: uhh...
*bitched about: matt. lol. he never calls!
*missed: matt :(
*were excited about seeing: drew/matt
*wished you could see them more: matt/drew
*wished you would see them less: i dunno... sheesh
*fought with verbally: jocey--clothes thing. lol
*fought with physically: matt :P
*wanted to kiss: matt
*wanted to have sex with: matt
*saw: mommy
*swore at: matt
*laughed at: ryan witt
*dated: matt
*dumped: uhhh mike
*were dumped by: hmm... *thinks back* chris kraft

*have sex with: josh hartnett/shane west
*like to have as a best friend: jim carrey!!!!!
*bring back to life: ELVIS cause he's sexy as hell!!! woohoo!

*Britney/Christina: brit
*N.I.N/Marilyn Manson: nin
*Blink 182/Jimmy Eat World: jimmy eat world
*Sepultura/Soulfly: soulfly
*Incubus/Deftones: Incubus
*Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit: old limp
*Papa Roach/Alien Ant Farm: alien ant farm
*The Ataris/The Vandals: ataris
*No Doubt/Snake River Conspiracy: no doubt
*Disturbed/Mudvayne: nah
*Rancid/The Clash: not sure
*Kurt Cobain/Elvis :ELVIS god he's sexy!!!!!

*Classical/Pop: pop
*Punk/Ska: punk
*Black/industrial: what?
*Emo/Indie: emo

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ARG!!!! [06 Aug 2002|12:08am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok, for some reason my overides are not working! i am pissed! will someone please donate a layout to me? lol. i will <3 u forever! any hot actor will do! :) shane west, josh hartnett, ben affleck, jim carrey, anything will do. omg. i am seriously pissed. arg. i don't care what colors or anything. jsut e-mail me at twinkiepunk@yahoo.com. i <3 y'all!!!!

<3 theresa <3
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ooh lala [05 Aug 2002|10:29pm]
[ mood | horny ]

stripper ass

You Have a Stripper Ass!

Hey sweetie, dance over my lap.
I'll get fresh and give your ass a tap.
Your butt sure looks great when you strip.
Just for showing it all, you get a tip.
What Ass Do *You* Have??

tonite melissa & i didn;t go to the mall. :( she's gonna call me tomorrow and we're gonna figure out something to do. i called matt at 5:30 and met him at sal's for all u can eat nite. after that we saw master of disguise which really sucked. i figured it'd be good because dana carvey is the man--well, he's the stand-up man. the movie was really bad and there were a ton of prostitots in there. arg. anyways after the movie we went to tunes and i was playin' digdug and this big black kid starts racing in the car game next to me. i was talking to my mom on the phone because she needed matt & i to stop at wal-mart and get pads. well, i get off the phone and the kid was all like talkin to me sayin shit like "u're my hottie in the passenger's seat... o wait, the driver's seat... hey, we can pretend like we're in germany" and i was like "england?" (digdug was to the left of the racing game) and he was like "yeah, u're smart. i like that" and i was thinking to myself "where is matt??!!?!?!" this guy was seriously scaring me he kept sayin' "i'm gonna place for u, baby." omg. and when he walked up to the game, he brushed his hand along my ass which pissed me off. arg. i told matt about it when he was opening the door to the truck for me and he was like "if that guy tried anything, i would've been over there in a second. i was keeping my eye on u, making sure u were okay." arg. so after that we went to wal-mart and they didn't have the cherokee sweatpants i wanted really bad so i cought pads, tampons, razors, and crispy m&m's. lol. we must've looked like a married couple walking out of there. *sigh* i <3 him.

comments are happy-makers :)
<3 theresa <3
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later... [05 Aug 2002|05:03pm]
later tonite i'm going to make a shane west layout. yay! :) let me know what u think of that idea. :)

as soon as melissa and anthony call me, i'm goin to the mall with them.
<3 theresa <3
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hmm [05 Aug 2002|03:24pm]
[ mood | horny ]

thanks julez!! :)

probability that h0ttie has masturbated today:16%
h0ttie's lucky number is:4
h0ttie is most like the color #5f8f66:
by James

just waitin for matt to finish nappin & call me.. arg
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eep [04 Aug 2002|12:37pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

sorry i haven't ocmmented anyone in a while! i promise i will later tonite or tomorrow!! i <3 yous! promise :) comment on my last post though! it's super duper long! lol.

<3 theresa <3

Hey you, where do you LIVE?

You�re Britney Spears! Face it, ya got it made. You�re sexy and popular, and have tons of people craving to be you. Sure, you�ve got some enemies out there, but you�ve also got a lot of people wishing they were with you. You�re the kind of person who knows you�re hot, and you�re not afraid to go all out to prove it.

What Kind of Pop Princess Are You? Quiz by Jonah
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well well well [04 Aug 2002|12:30pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

hey everyone! i'm baaaaaack! i was in ohio from monday till last nite (saturday) for a softball tournament.

let's begin at the begining... monday morning my dad & i left at like 8. i slept in the car for a while then i woke up and ate and stuff. lol. mommy packed us lots of snacks. so anyway, we drove to kalamazoo, michigan to visit WMU aeronautical campus. we drove around the main campus a bit and then that nite we went to perky's for a little appetizer at about 8:30ish. tuesday we visited WMU and got a really good tour by a flight instructor who had just graduated. after that we went to perdue university and got some papers on it and all. then we drove from there to indianapolis and got some lunch. after lunch we went to DSW :) and i bought 2 pairs of shoes. YAAAAAAAAA! lol. after that we drove to ohio and stayed in a marriott courtyard. it was pretty nice. they upgraded us for the nite and we were in a suite. that nite i went swimming and then went to julie's hotel till like 10:30 then my dad brought me back and i went to bed. wed we had our first game. we lost in extra innings 3-2. :(. thursday we won (i forget the score) and i went 3 for 4. i also caught like 4 or 5 fly balls in center. thursday nite i spent the nite in lish, jen, and kim's room. kim was knocked out in benedryl so she fell asleep at like 11. julez, jen, lish, and i talked by the pool about everything till like 1:45. then we went back to the room and they had a can of beer and i had my first taste of beer. eeep. after that we walked around and all. fri we won by the 8 run rule. i went 2 for 2 in that game with a walk and a triple. tina roth was there and cheering me on! YA! lol. she was like "let's go there's a!!!" and then i hit the triple. lol. there was this little girl behind home plate whining like "hey batter, what's a matter? can't u take a little chatter?" and i glared at her because she was pissing me off. i pretended the ball was her head and hit al ine drive past the 3rd baseman. lol. friday nite lish was supposed to call me and go to the mall with me that's rite next to my hotel. the mall is mofoing huge! she never called and i was really pissed off. my dad & i went there for like 20 mins and he got something to eat. later that nite i called matt and i just broke down crying. this is the exactly the same thing that happens at my house with my friends! i never get called and i feel like nobody even cares about me and i just cry. arg. nobody told me where anyone was going and i was just so pissed. arg. ah well. sat we lost both games. nobody on my team was really on except ashley who went 3 for 3 in the second game. after we lost the second game, i changed into shorts and a tank (yes rite next to the car lol). and my dad and i left. i drove for about 30 mins and we stopped for food (popeye's chicken!!!) and then my dad drove the rest of the way home.

at 10:45 dad & i came home and matt came over like 5 minutes after that. lol. matt stayed over till 12 and we watched road trip. we're supposed to do something today but he never calls. lol. not that i really care, but still. it was his idea to do something, he should call! lol.

anyways. my dad and i are gonna stop at bill brown's house to see what 3rd base gave him for free for ordering his championship sweatshirts there...

comments are lovely... ;)

<3 theresa <3
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ya! [28 Jul 2002|06:47pm]
[ mood | excited ]

matt came home! he called my house like 20mins ago but i was dropping off alisha at her house... here's the whole story, starting with friday... lol

friday drew treated me to lunch at friday's. it was sooo good to catch up with him! i <3 him! we talked about old friends, new friends, dickheads, etc... lol. after lunch, drew called matt and said hey. then drew & i went to walmart & kmart to look for a stitch doll for whitney's birthday. we couldn't find any, but drew & i got super putty (lotsa silly putty) and i got a spongebob squarepants coloring book. after that we went back to my house and i signed on as we colored. matt asked if we wanted to go to the moorestown mall to pick up a pair of shorts so we went with him and mike. after that we brought drew & mike home then he brought me home at like 4:50 because i had work at 5:30 and he kissed me goodbye and all. then i went to work & he went to the weezer concert.

saturday i had my tourny and we went 2-1. we seeded 5th place out of 20. :) well after the tourny i went to julie's house and spent the nite. we had fuuuuun. :) we drove around palmyra & riverton which took a total 5 minutes. lol. we then went to the river with john and met up with a buncha julez' friends. after that we went back and julie and i stayed up till like 2:30 talking about everything. i'm so glad we've become so close.

today we had our first game at 10:30 and we lost in 11 innings. :( i was pissed. arg. lol. after the game i came home and took a shower and my parents went out and brought my sister to dick's to get her soccer kleats. when they were gone, my doorbell rings and alisha's standing there and in the driveway are kim and jen! yaaaaah! so i went to the movies to see like mike with them. lol. it was fun. so after the movie i brought alisha home and at like 5:50 matt called, and i got home at like 6:05. he's at carrolo's rite now eatin dinner, but he's gonna call when he gets done. they were all planning on going to see a movie, but i just got back from one, so hopefully he'll want to just chill with me for the nite because i'm not allowed out.

<3 theresa <3
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yah [25 Jul 2002|03:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hey everyone! leave me comments on this layout!!! :) i think i like it. :P

<3 theresa <3
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you're the perfect one [25 Jul 2002|02:34am]
[ mood | loved ]

well, tonite matt & i went to best buy and he got a stereo system for his computer. after that we went to the playground near his house and swung on the swings. :) after we were done there, at about 10:30 we went to his house and he placed the stereos where he wanted them. at about 11:20 we went to my house and ate ice cream and watched 2 movies about summer camps. lol. i forget the first one, but it really sucked. it had molly shannon and janene garafolo and it was created in 2001, but it was meant to be like a movie from 1973. i think it was a playoff of meatballs, which is what we watched after that. matt left at about 2:10. tomorrow nite i have softball practice and i'm gonna hang out with braytenbah. friday afternoon drew's taking me out to lunch and friday nite i have work. :/ matt's going to the weezer concert friday and saturday morning he leaves for the poconos... i won't get to see him at all before i leave for ohio! he stays in the poconos until monday and i leave sunday nite or monday morning for ohio. arg. hopefully i'll see him tomorrow. :)

if anyone out there has a lover... i definately would suggest you share this song with them...

Lit - Perfect One
I'm an ordinary man
With an ordinary life
Does she know that I'm alive
Man she's really something else
You're the perfect one
And I don't expect a thing from you at all
You're the perfect one
And I can't even breathe
You are so unpredictable
Sometimes I'd like to be that way
Your charm, so irresistible
You are really something else
You're the perfect one
And I don't expect a thing from you at all
You're the perfect one
And I can't even breathe
I get weak when she's around
I can't speak when she's around
Yea she turns me upside down
Man she's really something else
You're the perfect one
And I don't expect a thing from you at all
You are everything
That I never knew
I've always wanted
You're the perfect one
And I don't expect a thing from you at all
You're the perfect one
And I can't even breathe
I'm an ordinary man

god i love that song!! :)

<3 theresa <3
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bahaha [24 Jul 2002|05:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

stole this from julay

001.name: theresa
002.d.o.b.: 1-14-85
003.location: marlton, nj
004.religion: roman catholic
005.occupation: senior at cherokee high school // softball player // dsw shoewarehouse associate

001.hair: light brown & a little past my shoulders... curly
002.eyes: blue/green/grey/gold
003.height: 5'5"

001.clothing: trendy
002.music: everything
003.make up: eyeshadow and mascara
004.bodyart: i'm getting a belly button ring soon!!!

right now
001.wearing: sister's cute white shirt and tite jeans
002.listening to: judge judy
003.thinking of: matt <3 :)

last thing you...
001.bought: lemonade from auntie anne's
002.ate & drank: water
003.read: jule'z lj
004.watched on tv: some lifetime movie with joey from the facts of life

001.club or houseparty: housepartay
002.tea or coffee: coffee
003. achiever or slacker: slacker
004.beer or cider: cider
005.drinks or shots: no thanks
006.cats or dogs: cats
007.single or taken: taken
008.pen or pencil: pen
009.gloves or mittens: gloves
010.food or candy: food
011.cassette or cd: cd
012.coke or pepsi: pepsi
013.hard or mild alcohol: neither
014.matches or a lighter: i <3 my zippo!
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: i like sunsets on the beach...
016.Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: nope

who do you want to...
001.kill: ur mom. lol
002.hear from: matt
003.get really wasted with: no thanks
004.look like: someone pretty
005.be like: someone pretty --lol
006.avoid: ur mom.

last person you...and when?
001.touched: my mom when she painted my toenails for me today. lol
002.talked to: mom... omg she asked me if we had to have the talk rite after ry and jen left... eeek!
003.hugged: mommy - when ryan and jen stopped by
004.instant messaged: tara - a few mins ago
005.kissed: matt :) - last nite
006.who broke your heart: ur mom last nite. crushed me. ouch. lol

where do you
001.eat: at a table
002.dance: school dances
003.cry: apparently the park near matt's house.. lol
004.wish you were: with matt

have you ever..
001.Dated one of your best friends? yep! drewby and matt
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? yessir
003.Drank alcohol? nope
004.Done drugs? nope
005.Broken the law? no
006.Ran away from home? na
007.Broken a bone? no
008.Cheated on a test? yes
009.Skinny dipped? nope
010.Played Truth Or Dare? yup
011.Flashed someone? na
012.Mooned Someone? no. i'm very self-conscious & insecure...
013.Kissed someone you didn't know? nope.
014.Been on a talk show/game show? no
015.Been in a fight? verbal
016.Ridden in a fire truck? i wish
017.Been on a plane? yes... i've even flown them!
018.Come close to dying? yes
019.Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? last summer
020.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? yes
021.Eaten a worm/mud pie? yummy
022.Swam in the ocean? yes
023.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? tons

what is..
001.The most embarrassing CD in your collection? i'm not ashamed of any!!
002.Your bedroom like? seafoam green & very girly
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? cinnamon toast crunch & honey nut cheerioes
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? papa john's pizza... cold!! with green peppers
005.Your favorite thing for dinner? veal piccata
006.Your favorite Restaurant? outback, lone star, olive garden

are you...
001.A Vegetarian?: no i love steak
002.A Good Student?: i guess
003.Good At Sports?: yep
004. Good at wakeboarding/snowboarding: snowboarding
005.A Good Singer?: kinda
006.A good Actor/Actress? yep :)
007.A deep sleeper?: i'm a moderate sleeper
008.A Good Dancer?: yep
009.Shy?: sometimes
010.Outgoing?: yes
011.A good storyteller?: lol. i go off on many tangents in my stories & i keep wanting to go back to a time earlier than the story i am telling the person so that they can understand where i am coming from. lol
012.Last words?: bite me... literally

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